DC/DC transformer

About Our DC/DC Transformer
Jansum tamquam fabricator professionalis DC/DC Transformator, certificare potes DC/DC Transformer ex officina nostra, et tibi optimam post venditionem praestabimus et opportuna traditio.
Features & Beneficia
High Frequency Transformer.
Filum aeneum purum.
Obsequens roHS.
Commutatio potentiae copiae, instrumentum electricae domi, etc

Pars Number Product Figura Type sarcina Magnitudo drawing
PQ32-001D DC/DC transformer DIP 36*28*31mm PDF
ER35-001D DC/DC transformer DIP 47*41*32mm PDF
EFD2002-002 DC/DC transformer SMD 30*23*11.5mm PDF

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Princeps Frequency Transformer

Princeps Frequency Transformer

Gratum est emere Maximum Frequency Transformer ex JASN. Omnis postulatio a clientibus intra 24 horas respondetur.


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Power Transformer

Power Transformer

JASN ut opificem professionalem, velimus tibi dare potestatem Transformer. Et offeremus tibi optimam post venditionem servitii et opportunam traditionem.

Exemplar: ER35-001D

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Virtus Magnetics

Virtus Magnetics

Potestatem Magneticorum ex JASN officina emere certificare potes et optimam post venditionem tibi offeremus et opportune partus.

Exemplar: EFD2002-002

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JASN unus ex professionalibus DC/DC transformer fabricatoribus et instructoribus in Sinis est. Gratum est quod novissimam DC/DC transformer ex officina nostra emere. Our products are of high quality and offer cheap quotations, free samples and customized services are also available.
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