Plana Communis Modus Inductor

About Our Flat Common Modus Inductor
Jansum ut professionalis Modus Communis Inductoris fabricator, certificare potes ex officina nostra Flat Commune Modum Inductorem emere et tibi optimam post venditionem operae et partus opportune offeremus.

Features & Beneficia
Maximum impedimentum obscuratis communi strepitu
Optimum Tactus perficientur
SUMMERGO vel SMD sarcina optiones

Pars Number Product Figura Magnitudo Inductione DCR(mΩ) sarcina drawing
DSQ1001-001 14*11*10.5mm 10mH Min 120.0 Max DIP PDF

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Plana Linea Commune Modus Inductor

Plana Linea Commune Modus Inductor

JASN Flat Line Communis Modus Inductor proprium consilium habent & practicum effectum & pretium competitive, pro pluribus informationibus in Flat Line Commune Modus Inductor, liberum nobis contactum placet.

Exemplar: DSQ1001-001

Lege plusMitte Inquisitionem
JASN unus ex professionalibus Plana Communis Modus Inductor fabricatoribus et instructoribus in Sinis est. Gratum est quod novissimam Plana Communis Modus Inductor ex officina nostra emere. Our products are of high quality and offer cheap quotations, free samples and customized services are also available.
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