T1/E1 Transformer

De nostra T1/E1 Transformer
Certum esse potes emere T1/E1 Transformatorem e officina Jansum, et tibi optimam post venditionem praestabimus et opportuna traditio.
Jansum plenam lineam T1, E1 modulorum solitudo pro applicationibus telecomatis praebet. Producta in singulis versionibus mutliport praesto sunt. Our products are optimized to work with most of the leading customers.

Pars Number Product Figura Inductione vertit ratio Cw/w* ultrices Inductance Pri DCR sarcina Plures Pins Hi-pot Rating drawing
H40C05SW 1.2mH Min @0A DC Bias TX=1:2 RX=1:1 35pF max 0.5uH Max 0.8Ω Max SMD 40PIN 1500Vrms PDF
H40C06SW 1.5mH Min @0A DC Bias
600uH Min @-40℃
TX=1:2 RX=1:1 35pF max 0.5uH Max 0.8Ω Max SMD 40PIN 1500Vrms PDF

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Solitudo Transformer

Solitudo Transformer

JASN unus est e clarissimis fabricatoribus ac praebitoribus Sinarum Isolationis Transformator. Nostra officina specialist in fabricandis T1/E1 Transformer.

Exemplar: H40C06SW

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T1/E1 Solitudo Transformer

T1/E1 Solitudo Transformer

JASN sicut unus e Sinarum professionalium T1/E1 fabricantium solitudo Transformator et Sinarum T1/E1 Factory Transformator Isolationis, validi sumus vires et administratio perfecta. Item habemus licentiam propria educendi. Maxime nos tractamus in serie T1/E1 Transformerandi facienda.

Exemplar: H40C05SW

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JASN unus ex professionalibus T1/E1 Transformer fabricatoribus et instructoribus in Sinis est. Gratum est quod novissimam T1/E1 Transformer ex officina nostra emere. Our products are of high quality and offer cheap quotations, free samples and customized services are also available.
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