Plana Linea Commune Modus Inductor
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Plana Linea Commune Modus Inductor

JASN Flat Line Communis Modus Inductor proprium consilium habent & practicum effectum & pretium competitive, pro pluribus informationibus in Flat Line Commune Modus Inductor, liberum nobis contactum placet.

Exemplar: DSQ1001-001


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Buy Discount FactoryPlana Linea Commune Modus Inductorin Oriente factum. JASN est aPlana Linea Commune Modus Inductorfabrica et elit in Sinis.


Parere cum RoHS requisitis.
Temperatus operans range:-25„ƒ ad +125℃.
Repono temperatus range: -25„ƒ ad +125℃.

Electrical Specifications @ 25℃


10mH Min. @1KHz/0.25V.

Turn Ratio:



120mΩ Max

Hi-POT :

1500VAC 1mA 2S

Nulla resistentia:

100 MΩ Min DC 500V

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